Estimation Service

At we believe it’s our duty to provide customers with the very best service and help available. To this end we offer a no-obligation, free estimate, we come to your home or office and do all the measuring for you and provide you with a written quote free of charge.

Every other flooring company in Oman and Mena region charges you to measure your home. They rely on you placing a small deposit and that way you are already committed to them, then of course you find out the bad news of just how expensive they are and how long it’ll take them to order your floor.

Have a look online and you’ll see that virtually none of them put on their websites which products they sell, whether they have it available in stock and they most definitely don’t put any prices online. Why? are their prices so secret?

At we believe in being extremely transparent in every aspect of our business. We are very confident in our products, services and most importantly our prices, to enable us to provide you with an estimate free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your no-obligation free estimate today

Flooring Estimation Service