Our Price promise

When it comes to flooring solutions, Floorworld is one Flooring supplier in Oman and the entire Middle east where you could expect more and pay less without having to compromise on the desired look and design of your dream floor. We offer High quality, branded European flooring products at the Lowest possible price.

When looking at our products and prices against other flooring suppliers in Oman or wider GCC countries, please compare like-for-like. We’re totally transparent with what we supply and are proud to offer our customers best value flooring solutions. At Floorworld We believe in high turnover of stocks and lower profit margins, hence we buy all of our flooring in large quantities to ensure we get the best possible prices.

To give you an example of cost effective pricing as compared to our competitors.

The Decorum from Swiss Hardwoods is one of Floorworlds best-selling products. It is a 189mm wide board, very beautiful and luxurious - oiled, engineered wood floor from a very well reputed European flooring manufacturer which we sell for approximately 30% cheaper as compared to any European flooring manufacturer in the market. Where you would have ended up paying 36 OMR per Sqm, you get it from us for only
26 OMR per sqm.

Now a simple calculation will tell you that Floorworld is practically 1/3 cheaper than their main competitor, over an area of just 100 sqm and this would be a saving of 1000 OMR for the very same product!

It is not only the price and quality of workmanship that makes Floorworld stand out from the crowd, it is the impeccable customer service and aftersales service that we really pride ourselves upon.